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"People forget how FAST you did a job, but they remember how WELL you did it"

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Our Hours
Directions during construction (April2 - Oct 31, 2018)


1.    Fish, birds, mammals and gameheads are usually completed in  18- 24 months.
2.    Antler mounts and Fish Reproductions are generally completed in  3 - 6 months
3.    Repairs, turkey tails & other odd jobs are usually finished in  1-6 months.         
4.    Tanning is finished on average in 4 months

However, the quality of your mount is ALWAYS my top priority. This has been the foundation of my business from the very beginning.  And it is the reason that so much of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.  Remember,  the mount you get back from the taxidermist is the visible memory of your outdoor accomplishment.  When you look at your mount,  it will take you back to that day  in the woods, or on the lake, when your luck and skill came together.  How long did you have to wait for that moment? You got that once in a lifetime buck, or landed that monster brookie that we all dream about. So when you look at it 5 or 10 years from now, will you see a beautiful example of God's creation, or will you wish you had taken a little more time in selecting a taxidermist?  When the gun is put away and the pictures are in the drawer, your mount will be on the wall for all to see.

Please remember :

1.  Mounts are done in groups in the approximate order that they came in.
 Mounts without deposits are skipped.

3.  That 80% of my annual work comes in from Oct. - Dec. and I cannot complete it all on "schedule"

4.  The quality of my work is a higher priority than the completion time.
5.  I have MANY customers, this is all I do for a living and I am doing the best I can for every mount & every client.
6.  This schedule is APPROXIMATE and may be changed as needed.  Many factors may affect my ability to stick to                   this schedule
7.  Calling frequently, stopping by or becoming impatient will NOT get your mount done quicker

I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Now Accepting  - Accepting Credit Cards
                    ONLY thru PayPal  


Monday ~ Thursday   Noon to 6 pm
Fridays, Evenings & Saturday by appointment only.

Closed  ~  Sun & Holidays

Directions during Construction - completion scheduled for Oct 31

Due to the ongoing Hwy 116 bridge & road construction - Main St. in Winneconne is a MESS!
The best access to the Studio is at 6th and Main St.   Follow the detour signs  
You may use  my personal driveway if the business parking area is inaccessible.  

Coming in from the EAST -

Follow the detour over the bridge, then take the first LEFT (1st St.)  then take the 2nd RIGHT (Cleveland) - Take Cleveland St. to 6th St. 
Turn RIGHT on 6th St, then RIGHT onto Main St. at the ROAD CLOSED sign. 

Coming in from the WEST (Hwy 21 thru Omro)

Follow the detours thru Omro toward the High School  get back to Hwy 116
As you get close to Winneconne - Turn RIGHT onto Grant St.
Take the first LEFT past the park ~ 6th St.
Go North on 6th St to Main St - Turn RIGHT and go around the Road closed sign.

There is a link to the DOT WI Road Construction map here
Construction updates -

Please call if you have questions or check the web site for updates

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