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What you need to Know

If you are considering ordering a reproduction, please take a few minutes and read ALL the information on this page.  There are  links in the text to answer most of the questions you may have. 

DO YOU HAVE A FISH MY SIZE? - Since there are thousands of repro's available,  the first thing I need to know is the size of the fish you caught.   Complete the Price Quote Request Form and click on the submit button.  Or send me an e-mail with the length, girth, weight, species and sex.   I will answer via e-mail by the next business day with a list of available repro's closest to the size you requested and the cost of each.  I will also include an estimated cost for shipping to your location.  Local customers may pick up (WI sales tax will apply). 
     Price quotes are saved and are good for 30 days.  If you decide to order a reproduction, you may confirm via e-mail.
     There are also several different types of replicas available.  For more information on the differences, check out Reproductions 101.

HOW REAL DO THEY LOOK? Fish vary in coloration from lake to lake and even with the same lake.   If you provide a good color photo of your fish, I can get the coloration VERY close.  I have built my business on attention to detail. If you have no photo, I will paint it as "typical" for the species unless you can provide me with some guidance.   Many of the newer reproductions have flexible fins and are difficult to tell from the real thing.   See for yourself.  Check out the photos on the photo page

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?-    Most reproductions are completed in 1 to 6 months.  It depends on the time of year you place the order, current backlog and the company I obtain the repro from.  Many companies manufacture only upon receiving order and keep no inventory.  Some sizes may be custom orders and may take a little longer.  Click here to check my completion schedule

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?-    I have a minimum of $100.00 for any reproduction.  Most fiberglass and acrylic resin repro's are $8.75 per inch.  for a 1 - sided  wall mount.   However, reproductions from one Canadian supplier are   $11.00 per inch.   For an explanation, see the General Information page. 
         Some reproductions are able to be finished on both sides and can be displayed as table mounts.  If you may be interested in a 2 sided reproduction, please inquire. There are additional charges for COD, rush service, etc. if you request these things.

WANT SOMETHING EXTRA? All replica's come ready to hang on your wall.  However, many people like the look the panel gives to a mount, so I offer several types of background.  All are priced per inch of fish -
                                        Bark edge butternut ovals             add    $1.00 per inch
                                        Solid Oak or Walnut                    add    $1.50 per inch
                                        Driftwood (cleaned & bleached)  add    $0.50 per inch
                        Habitat, or scenery bases, are also popular.  These  usually include  some sort of bottom (sand, muck, etc.), a piece of driftwood and underwater plants.  They may also include a water surface and/or lily pads.  Because each base is unique,  they are individually priced depending on size and complexity - inquire or check the price list.
                    Nameplates allow you to display the date of your catch and it's real weight and length.  They vary in price according to style and size.  They are available in several colors of plastic, brass and aluminum with as many lines as you want.                                Cost - $5.00 to $15.00 additional.

HOW MUCH TO SHIP IT TO ME? - Shipping costs are extra and are based on the size and weight of your package via UPS to your location.  To insure they arrive in excellent shape, many finished reproductions must be packed in oversize boxes.  Average shipping cost, including packing, is between $10 & $35.00 to most locations in the USA (excluding Alaska & Hawaii).  Very large fish (marlins, sharks, etc.) may have to shipped by truck.  You will be notified of all charges as early as possible.

HOW DO I PAY?   I require an initial deposit for 50% of the total cost when you send in your order.  I will accept a personal check, money order or cashier's check for the deposit.    I accept Visa & Mastercard credit cards.  However, since I do not have a secure order form, if you wish to charge your deposit or the balance on a completed mount, please call our toll free order # - 877-582-7005.  Upon completion, you will be notified via e-mail or phone.  You may have the mount shipped immediately  by charging the balance, or you have 30 days to send a check, cashier's check or money order for the balance, including shipping.  If a personal check is used for payment of the balance, the mount will not be shipped for 2 weeks after receipt of the payment.

WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE IT?-  Like all my mounts, reproductions come with both my satisfaction guarantee and a 10 year guarantee on material and workmanship.  If you take proper care of your mount and anything is wrong with your replica for 10 years (due to defects in material or workmanship), I will repair it free of charge.  Broken fins or other physical damage, damage from smoke, heat, sun or excessive moisture are excluded.  If you are not pleased with the reproduction you receive, carefully re-package and return it within 5 days, UNDAMAGED, for a full refund.  Please include a letter or e-mail explaining your reason for returning it.  Reproductions arriving properly boxed and undamaged will have a refund issued immediately.  Please note, only the cost of the reproduction will be refunded - NOT THE SHIPPING.

    If you have already contacted me and I have the replica in the size you want, then go to the Reproduction Order Form, fill it out & print it.  Sign at the bottom and mail it with your deposit check & any photos of the fish.  (photos will be returned)  You may also e-mail photos to me in .jpg format at no more than 100 dpi resolution.  That's it.  I will mail you a numbered work order receipt confirming your order & payment and will contact you when it is completed.  I look forward to working with you.

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