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  Wildlife Related Art
Check out these unique artists and their work below

  Suresh Pandit  - Scuptured Shoulder mounts of Lions, leopards and more

  Cliff Casey     -  Pencil Portraits and Illustrations

  Svend-Allan Sorensen - Unique Conceptional Artist from Denmark often using a hunting or bird theme.  

   David Mielke - David's Antler Creations - Dave will make darn near anything from your antlers. 
    Lamps,   chandeliers, gun racks, centerpieces.  Excellent work, superior craftsmanship.  920-979-3972

I have set up this page to give other artists - whose art is related to wildlife in some unique way - a chance at a little free publicity.  If you are an artist and would like some exposure, send me a brief e-mail and link to your website.  If I find your work is interesting and well crafted, then I'll give you a spot on this page.
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Non-Taxidermy Wildlife Mounts

These amazingly realistic "mounts" are done by artist Suresh Pandit of India.  Made from  non animal materials, each piece is created by one at a time by hand.  These are truly unique and are currently not available anywhere in the USA but you can
purchase them directly from the artist.  Now you can have the beauty of a Lion, Lioness or Leopard "mount" without killing one of these majestic animals.  Visit this  creative Artificial Wildlife Artist  at

Artificial Leopard head mount            Artificial half-body Asian Lion mount

Cliff Casey Art
Specializing in Pencil Portraits and Illustration

Cliff Casey is an artist specializing in pencil portraits drawn from photographs.   His favorite subjects are of people and the game they have gotten hunting or fishing.  These original drawings make a very unique gifts or have one done for yourself.  Below are one of his drawings and the photo it was drawn from. Check out his web site @  ( to see more artwork and for  contact information, ordering and pricing details.
Be sure and tell him that you saw his work on Simpson Taxidermy Studio On-line!

Jason's deer     Jason's deer in pencil

Svend-Allan Sorensen

Website -

Sven-Allan Sorensen

David's Antler Creations
Go to his Facebook page for pics & contact information.

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