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Before requesting a quote, please check out the FAQ's and other ordering info  by clicking here    

The price range for most replicas is between $11.50 - $15.00 per inch.  For more information on  why we can not offer a single "per inch " price for replicas -  click here


If you are serious about having us do a reproduction for you,  and would like to know the sizes and prices for replicas that are closest to the size of your fish, please fill in the form below and send it .   I will reply by e-mail ASAP with a list of available repro's, sizes, poses & prices.  The information you provide will remain confidential.

Please be sure and check your "JUNK" or "SPAM"  folders in the next few days as the reply will contain an attachment and/or photos and many anti-spam filters will automatically put an e-mail with attachments from an "unknown" sender into the JUNK folder. 
Thank You

Sorry, I have been experiencing problems  with this page.  Until I can have it fixed, please copy and paste the info below into an e-mail.  Please include as much of the information as possible and  I will reply ASAP.   Put "Replica Quote" in the subject line.  Click here to send an e-mail -



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Info on Your Fish :

Species of Fish 

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Pose Options:

Mount to Face  - Left - Right -  Either Direction

I prefer gill covers to be -  Closed    - Open   -  Either 

I am looking for :   Lowest Price  or   Best quality   

NOTE: Not all replicas are cast with open gills,  there may be an additional charge for open gills on some fish. Quotes will include all poses & both open and closed gill replicas available for the length and species of your fish.

Other items (background, condition of fish,special requests etc.)



NOTE - If you experience a problem or the form does not submit - please e-mail me with the basic info:  Species, Length, girth, & wt.